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Interview: Ron Louis Talks His Fashion Journey, Phera Co. and Gives Advice

Just a week ago our Creator and Founder Dez Jermaine, sat down with one of Chicago’s most sought after and well respected young creative’s; Thee Ron Louis and spoke to him about his new Brand Phera Co, and his current impact on the fashion industry. Read Full interview below:

For those who don’t know what sparked your interest to design?

Taking a course in highschool & making a pair of pajamas for my bestfriend who loved the pair alot. I fell in love with that feeling of making people happy with something I hand made.

Who do you like designer pieces for more the ladies or guys?

I enjoy both but I have more fun with doing garments for ladies. Women are more daring than men so its more room for creativity.

You have alot of Hip Hop clients who is your favorite person to work with?

Currently Valee. Valee is the first artist I’ve worked with that knows exactly what he wants which makes my job easier.

Valee also knows how to sew and alter garments so the collabs are exactly how both parties want it.

You created your own line Phera Co., what’s your vision for the brand coming into 2018?

Phera is my baby I’m taking my time with the brand.

Right now I’m letting my name grow more so I can have more resources for Phera to present it how I want to.

How long do you plan on being a fashion designer?

Probably forever but I will take breaks. I’m into all kinds of things cars, motorcycles, film, music, furniture, etc so my energy has to be spread around all my hobbies.

If you could pick one celebrity to be the face of Phera Co. Who would you choose?

I honestly cant think of a celebrity. Phera belongs to the streets, the people.

There are many well established brands if you could collaborate with one which brand would it be?

Nike, A-Cold-Wall, OFF- White

What is one piece of advice you have for any aspiring fashion designer?

Just try shit until something stick, take your time and study study study.

Do you consider yourself just a fashion designer or do you wear other hat’s as well?

I just consider myself an artist. Sometimes I still don’t “feel” like a fashion designer because I know some incredible designers that eat, sleep, and dream fashion. I’m not 100% like that I still have a ton to learn.

What is your thoughts on Off-White’s recent dominance on the fashion industry?

I love it. Virgil gave me some advice about 5 years ago that i’ll never forget. Virgil wasn’t as well known then outside of the industry but still a giant so I took that kindness from him to heart. Love seeing a black designer from the crib winning!

What have you learned today, that you didn’t know when you created your first piece?

How to make custom fitting pants

Follow Ron Louis and his brand Phera Co. on Instagram below:

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I was born on the south side of Chicago, I am a music enthusiast. I created Alldatnoise in order to give young music artist, fashion designers and milennials a uncut platform to advertise their talents.

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  1. Loveee this interview. Ron Louis is one of the greatest influencers in Chicago. I’ve been following him since high school. He has inspired me on so many levels, I remember sitting at the table and watching him design clothes. His drive is what caught my attention the most.He’s definitely gifted and so far the only designer I’ll ever go to and get some pieces made. S/O to you Dez for this dope interview.


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