December 4, 2022

Music Review: Chimeka Releases her latest project “Cool EP” (Stream)

The self proclaimed Queen of Harveyworld as in Harvey Ilinois Chimeka aka Chin Chilla Meek has released some new music in fact a entire EP titled “Cool” which is 1 of 3 installments. So sit tight and listen to this masterpiece created straight from the trenches of 1-4-7 in her voice. (Rating 4.8/5)

Chimeka has some very good production on this project coming from the likes of Novacane Music, Law Beatz, and even a well rounded collaboration from fellow Chicago native The Boy Illinois as the two linked up on “90s Love” which is a banger.

The crazy thing about it is that Chimeka has 2 more installments to release so stay tuned in.


Dez Jermaine The Blogger

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